Giving Hope, Saving Lives

DHR Health Organ Donor Champions

Honoring our DHR Health Employee Donors.

Our compassionate caregivers not only dedicate their lives to healing others but also extend their generosity by being registered organ donors. DHR Health recognizes and deeply appreciates the extroardinary kindness of our hospital employees who choose to offer the ultimate Gift of Life.

Pamela Barajas
Human Resources

I've witnessed firsthand the challenges my mother faces with her kidneys, and I'm committed to supporting her and others in need by offering my organs after I pass.

Janette Briceno
Outreach Lab

I've had family members who have lived to old age thanks to organ donors, I got to cherish many happy moments with my loved ones.

Deborah Bynum
TAVR Clinic

I hope to be able to help anyone that is in need and possibly improve their quality of life. After the loss of a child, I am grateful to be a registered organ donor!

Rebecca Cantu
Flex Nursing

I signed up because, I want to help another person in need of a organ. And being able to help someone even after I'm no longer here is amazing to me.

Gabriela Castrejon
Clinical Certification

Cristina Contreras
Outreach Lab

Michelle Cordoba Kissee
Bariatric & Metabolic Institute

Marta De la Tejera-Ornelas
Hospice & Palliative Care

Because sharing with others is the right thing to do.

Geraldina Del Castillo
Pre Admit

To give someone a second chance at life.

Percilla Diaz
RMF Admin

Elizabeth Diaz
Employee Education

I became an organ donor because I witnessed the miraculous transformation of my dad's life. Amidst the despair of his condition, with only the slim hope of a transplant while on ECMO, I saw the extraordinary power of organ donation to bring hope, healing, and new beginnings. Inspired by this profound experience, I'm registered to give others the same chance at life and spread kindness and compassion through the gift of organ donation.

Melissa Eddy
DHR Employee Education

It’s a way to give back to others in need.

Josue Emmanuel Escalona

Cristie Esparza Perez
Patient Experience

As a registered organ donor, I believe in the profound gift of life beyond my own, striving to offer hope and healing to those in need. Being of service to others is deeply ingrained in my purpose on this earth, and organ donation represents a significant way for me to fulfill that commitment.

Reyna H. Espinoza
Physical Medical & Rehabilitation Harlingen

Paying it forward.

Brenda M. Espinoza
Orthopedic Institute

Jessica Estrada
Renal Transplant

It is easier to take than to give. It's nobler to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.--Joan Marques

Lisa Evenbly

Joseph Garcia
Liver Specialty Center

Working for the transplant institute and attending seminars for the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA) has inspired me to do my part in the selfless act of donation. Many individuals in our community are uneducated on the importance and overall information about organ transplantation. As a donor advocate, I can do my part in helping others understand basic questions.

Laura Ogletree Garcia
RMF Revenue Cycle

To someday help others in need, giving the gift of life that may lighten the grief of my own family. The need is tremendous and multiple people may be helped.

Missy Garcia
Renal Transplant

I would want to provide lifesaving organs to up to eight people, also impact the lives of others with tissue donation.

Rosalba Garcia
Admin RMF

I want to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy life with their loved ones.

Geri Garza
Renal Transplant

Vanessa Garza
Liver Specialty Center

I signed up to be a donor because everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest.

Nelly Gomez
Admin RMF

I signed up to give my husband a second chance to live a healthy life, I donated my kidney to him on September 27, 2023. This is by far the biggest blessing ever being his PERFECT Match!!

Mary Gonzalez
Surgery Institute

Save lives. Make a difference in someone else's life.

Carlos Gonzalez
Brownsville Engineering

If I can safe a life I will be blessed in heaven. Amen.

Lisa Hernandez
Transplant And Liver Mid Level

To help others.

Jose Jilpas
Decision Support

I chose to become an organ donor about 10 years ago, I feel that if I can extend someone’s life once I’m long gone, I did my part.

Idalia Lopez
Renal Transplant

To be able to help others in need ones I'm gone.

Vanessa Lopez
Renal Transplant

I have cared for patients in need of an organ for over 15 years. I know firsthand what an impact organ donors make in the lives of recipients and their family. End stage organ disease is a devastating journey that affects the entire family. When I’m done with my life, I’d like to leave a lasting legacy of love, compassion and selfless generosity by giving the gift of life to someone in need.

Alejandra Martinez
WH Admissions

I just wanted to help people even after I am gone.

Maribel Martinez
Outreach Lab

My father died due to renal failure and he had been on list for years. I hate seeing others go though what he went through.

Eva Martinez
Hand and Wrist Institute

I signed up because there is many people on waiting lists to get new organs.

Mayra Mata
RMF Admin

Because an organ donor provided my mother with a kidney. She no longer needs dialysis! One person changed our lives and I would love to do that for someone else!

Lydia Meza
Transitional Holding

I won't need my organs when I die, so I will be so happy that they will help other people.

Gabrielle Nino
Bariatric & Metabolic Institute

I signed up to be an organ donor because when my mother passed away she saved life’s and gave a woman in Africa the ability to see again.

Erika Ovalle
BH Geriatric

Because everyone deserves a chance in life.

Natalie Ramirez

Amy Ramirez

To share life with others who otherwise cannot have a quality life.

Lizette Ramirez

Criselda Reyes

Organ donation is not a tragedy. But it can be a beautiful light in the midst of one.

Pilar Rojas
Valley Cardio Shared

To save lives.

Pilar Rojas
Valley Cardiology

To know you will save lives, it’s a blessed feeling.

Sasha Romero
Patient Access

The gift of giving. My dad was an organ donor.

Sabrina Sanchez

My dad was an organ recipient & I had the opportunity to have him in my life 10 more years. I want to give that to someone else’s daughter too.

Narmi Armida Tijerina
Patient Intake Center

My story will not end, I will continue to be a legend!!

Claudia Tovar
RMF Admin

The gift of love!

Emy Trevino
Billing & Collections

To help save a life.

Charu Hasini Vasa
Internal Medicine GME

Mary von Ohlen
Nursing Education

To help anyone that I can.

Norma Zambrano
Valley Cardiology

Cynthia Zielinski
Urology Institute

To give a chance of good life and hope.